Turning Archive 2007

Woodturning Tools

Mr Kelly M. Robison
>I am a 61 years young male and recently retired. I have been working for a number of years; mainly making furniture, etc. Years ago I tried woodturning and wasn't interested. I went to a woodworking show a short time ago and got to talking to some old farts doing woodturning and now I want to get into it a lot more. I ended up buying a midi-lathe [General] with variable speed instead of a drum sander. My question: I have contacted some people in woodturning near where I live; [Port Orchard, WA] and will be learnign from some of the guys. I want to get a good set of turning tools but don't have the money to get a top-of-line set; what should I buy??? I can do my own grinding and sparpening. I want to learn how to make bowls and small things at first. Help me out with some good suggestions.

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