Turning Archive 2007

Bubbly Blue Bowl

>Hello all,

Well here's a funky bowl that I made several weeks ago that is similar, but out of the ordinary for me. If that makes sense. Curly soft maple. 7" diameter. Wide rim and chunky body as usual, but I added a bit of color to it. Sadly, the photo doesn't show the color as it really is. It looks like an aqua blue ocean really. I need to thank Art Liestman for some help on the coloring. I love his skill at coloring and would love to someday be as good at it as he is...I have a ways to go, but it sure is fun to play around with.

I used some black dye, then sanded it off leaving it in the endgrain of the figure, then added a couple of different Prisma Marker colors. The foot is colored as well. I'm still not sure about the final outcome of this one.

I tried a different finish on it that I'm not crazy about and that is Watco liquid finishing wax (satin) in the white and orange can. It's just too flat to me. It feels good though!

Any and all comments welcome. I have my thick(er) skin on today :)


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