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Showing a heavily used 2 tier platter made before *PIC*

Leo Van Der Loo
>I came to Canada in '67, it got some scrapes, bruises and stained spots, and it still is used every day as a fruit platter, it could have a long live ahead if not abused to bad I think.
It's made from plantation grown Teak, lower platter is a shade under 14" and 3 " high, and the top platter is 9", and the top is 12" high.
I turned the stainless steel shaft with a treaded end and shoulder, and another shoulder with thread above it to keep the top platter in place, and it has done that very well.
The top ball is a brazed on bearing ball, and covered with brass.
It is not very shiny, and you can still see some sanding marks, but using only home made scraping tools, and no power sanders, I did a pretty good job I think, I could improve on that now, but I just want to keep it as I made it then.
As always, all comments are welcome.
Have fun and take care
Leo Van Der Loo

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