Turning Archive 2007

simple metal adapter

eliot d
>I was surprised how easy it was to make a small metal reducer that allows me to insert a 3/8 inch shaft in a 3/4 inch round tenon. I know for those of you with a metal lathe that this is just child's play, but I was fairly intimidated at first. But all it took was getting a length of mild steel 3/4" round stock from the hardware store, cutting off a few inches with a hack saw. drilling a 3/8 hole using my wood lathe and a Jacobs chuck, drilling two small holes at right angles for the set screws, and tapping two 1/4" x 20 threads into the small holes to accept two 1/4" x 20 small Allen head set screws. I did do some truing up with carbide cutters and a file; but honestly , it was easy, and it works perfectly. This may not sound like much, but it enables me to hollow through a much smaller hole while still using some of my larger constraining rigs and arm braces.

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