Turning Archive 2007

Electric Chain Saw *LINK*

Wilford Bickel
>I have 2 huskies on the farm that do the heavy cutting work around the farm, cut firewood and of course cut my turning wood. There are times however that I need to trim the corners off of a blank or do a quick cut at the shop and don't want to go get one of the Huskies out and gas and oil it, crank it and then you have the noise and fumes that make it unusable in the shop.

I have been watching for the right sale on a small electric chainsaw and got lucky this morning. Cummings tool truck sale comes through the next town over about once a year. I was looking over the sale paper and found a factory refurbished 14 inch Remington electric that was coming with the truck. Just so happened my wife had her quilt guild meeting at the very civic center the truck was coming to and her meeting ended when they opened the door for the sale. Thanks to the LOML, I now have a Remington refurbished 14 inch electric chainsaw with 90 day warranty for the price of $29.99 plus tax!!! This should be just about right for knocking the corners off of blanks and I will be able to do it in the shop when the weather is bad!! You can order the saw from their web site but shipping is half again what the saw costs - if the truck comes to your area you may want to check into this unit. I'll post more about the saw when I get to try it out!

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