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Bonding corian to wood?

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Hello Everyone,

Last year I was given a small sheet of blue-ish corian (about 12" x 18" x 5/8" thick). And since that time it's been sitting in my shop gathering dust.

No back several weeks ago I posted a question here asking about a source for 2" dia. clock inserts. I got some great responses and I ordered three (they were so inexpensive I figured that in case I wanted to turn a base for one, I could).

So here I am in my shop, holding a clock insert and trying to figure out a way to make a nice looking "desk clock". So I turn and out of the corner of my eye I see the Corian. Then I see my box of burl scraps. Then this idea comes to mind. The Corian is too thin to hold the clock insert by itself. So why not turn a base from some burl, and use the Corian as an accent inlay! I'm thinking of turning a burl "platter", about 4" to 5" in diameter, then gluing a 3" dia disc of Corian to it. Drill your 2 1/4" dia. hole for the clock insert, add some details, polish and your done!

Now, my question. How can I bond the Corian to the wood? I assume that the wood will move (with seasonal temperature shifts) while the Corian will not. Or is this an issue at all?

Thanks in advance.

See ya around,

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