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Update on the chainsaw situation

Steve Kubien
>Afternoon everybody,

After weighing everything everybody said (and if I didn't actually reply to your post, be sure that I did read it) I was ready to pick up the Husky with the 45cc motor and a 16" bar. Decent size for what I am going to do and not a disposable saw. Then Mom came over with a belated birthday gift...

I am now the proud owner of a 16", 4.5hp TroyBilt electric chainsaw and I love it. Sure, it won't go to the woodlot without 45 kilometers of extension cord but it works well with the logs I bring home (already in full product-test mode). Now I know what you're thinking, "Good for Steve. He's got a shop-saw and he's going to have a travelling Husky to boot!" Instead, I am going to make do with the electric for the next few months and process some of the logs I've got waxed and piled up. The money I was going to put into the gas saw will allow me to attend an incredibly worthwhile seminar over the Victoria weekend (little men from Japan coming over the attack us with swords and beat us with sticks. Great fun!).

Again, thanks for all the help with this issue. I'll get the gas saw later and enjoy what I've got for now.

Steve Kubien

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Update on the chainsaw situation
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