Turning Archive 2007

It's OFF!!!!!!

Ruth Niles
>Thank you ALL for the advice and suggestions. This morning before I went to the neighbor's (I have a really hard time asking for help), I tried 3 things again. First I put my 12" pipe wrench on the face plate nut, then used the (ready?) pipe from my bandsaw that holds the fence (it was the only thing I had that fit over the wrench handle) and tried lifing from the back, an excellent suggestion from one person here, didn't work, but a good suggestion; bent the wrench handle. Then I put bolts into a 2 X 4 X 28" long, gently tapped the bolts into the holes in the face plate (gently but using not so gently words), hit the end of the board with a small sledge hammer. The bolts bent and the wood cracked.

Then I put ice on the spindle, heated up the face plate until steam was pouring out the hand wheel, put the General wrench on and whacked it with the sledge hammer and that darling little face plate just surrendered. WHEW!

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