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Need help completing air filtration cabinet

Wayne Leach-NW Ontario
>Hi All,

I have a cabinet into which I installed a surplus furnace blower assembly which has the motor mounted within the blower. I hooked the motor up to 120volts using the black and white wires from the motor (there are 5 wires hanging from the motor). It runs great, but way too fast - if I put wings on it I could probably get it airborne.
My question is, these things usually start at slow speed, shift to med and then to high in a heating situation. I would like to run it slower but unsure whether I need any controller in between or just hook up the red wire instead of the black or maybe even the yellow wire?
Will I have a meltdown if I try this. Does these motors have the speed control built in???se
Amy help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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