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Gathering purpose

>What is more important than exchanging information? Whether it be safely shipping wood or how to use the latest tools it all gets down to the basics....what is the best way to do something. At our next Gathering we will invite knowledgeable people to tell us how we can safely ship wood to our friend in Idaho or whatever without risking infecting their forests with insects that have the potential to destroy certain species of trees. We will try to do what the AAW does not want to do.....inform turners of the danger of shipping wood across the country withour first fumigating it. This is very important. It is not an attack on our organization but it is a wake up call for the most likely culprits who might spread an epedimic......we woodturners who ship green wood. I will invite the Georgia forrestry to our next Gathering so they can inform us of safe ways to ship wood. It is time to stop trying to sweep things under the rug. Turners are the most likely source of spreading insects and diseases.

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Gathering purpose
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