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Need chainsaw advice...a bit long

Steve Kubien
>Hi everyone,

Without getting into brand specifics and loyalties, I need help selecting a saw. This will be my first chainsaw nad I would like it to last a few years.

The question is, how big a saw do I need? I currently have a mini lathe but hope to upgrade to a Nova 1624 in the fall/winter. I can't see myself taking down any trees, just scavenging what I can from stuff already felled. My thinking is that I can get by with something in the 45cc, 3 hp class with a 16" bar. Does that sound reasonable or am I going to wanting a hemi-sized saw really soon? With the new lathe, I want to look at bowls and plates in the 12-18" range, with the odd piece even larger.

Bearing in mind that price is a consideration, I know I can go Husky or Stihl for about $400Cdn (Husky 340 or Stihl MS250) or I can go Craftsman (made by Poulan) for about $250. As a casual user, how much further ahead will I be going with one of the 2 big names?

Thanks for your help,
Steve Kubien
P.S. I've already got the $$$ set aside for safety gear like chaps, helmut/faceshield, boots, gloves etc. I'll make those purchase before the actual saw!

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