Turning Archive 2007

Still Stuck Face Plate! *PIC*

Ruth Niles
>Sorry about not responding to all the help offered, I was busy trying everything.

As you can see in the picture, there are no threads showing to oil or grab.

Leo, your idea is great but it's the small face plate and I can't get to the holes, I tried just screwing a 2X4 on the outside but the screws didn't hold. Thanks for the compliment on my new website, your stoppers look great in a frame!

Bill, a few questions I didn't quite understand; are you referring to that big pin on toward the front of the lathe? If so, how do I hold it in? I jammed a wrench in the notch on the wheel so the spindle didn't turn. Is there a secret to locking that pin in? Also you said the handwheel is LH threads and to put that on and turn the face plate loose; put it on what?

Curly, if that #%*&!@ face plate doesn't come off in the morning, you can bury it or cremate the lathe and the face plate!

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