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Decorated Spheres

>In my never ending quest to find things to make that people will buy at the 3 or 4 craft fairs and other shows that I do throughout the year, I've decided to add some "gems" (that's a stretch) to my little bowls. I've been finding that people just aren't buying the more expensive stuff. I'm not sure if it's just the way things are going with people buying arts and crafts, or if its my stuff, or what the deal is, but the main things I sold last night were pens, bottle stoppers and things priced under $50 bucks. One of the things that I love to make are these little shallow bowls, but if I decorate the rims with detailed burning the time involved needs to be reflected in he price and nobody wants to pay that...at least not at the shows and places I sell. So I've been decorating these little wooden craft balls and adding some of them to each bowl and it seems to be something that adds interest to them and gets them out of my house!

Then I started buying larger ones and burning them and turning a little stand for them to sit on by themselves. I was having a mild moral issue with these since I don't turn the balls myself, so I make it well known that I do not turn the balls. I just decorate them. I tried turning them with dismal results. The time it would take me to turn a true sphere would dictate a $10,000 price on one ball! Ha!

So I'm hoping that these little "gems" sprinkled around my tables with my turned work helps to move some bowls. I have another show Memorial Day weekend so we'll see how it goes.

Thanks for looking and I'd like to know what you think of this idea.

Jen :)

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