Turning Archive 2007

Cherry Bowl

>Hi Everyone,

I've been feverishly turning away the past few weeks getting ready for a Spring Open House that I held at my home last night. Although I had a low turnout, it went fairly well sales wise. It paid for the food and wine and then even made a nice deposit this morning so I was feeling good. In my turning frenzy, I made this bowl (that my next door neighbor adopted last night :)...I think it may be one of my favorite bowls that I've made. Just an ordinary bowl with a couple of burn rings at the pillowed out rim and also on the foot. It's about 10.5" diameter and about 7"deep. Finished with Watco.

It took everything I had in me to not take a wood burner or a texturing tool to it! This hunk of wood came to me via Barbara Gill in a big box. Thank you so much Barbara. It was a lovely piece of cherry. The photos don't do the wood justice. I rough turned it in the late Fall, soaked it in DNA and then finished it a couple of weeks ago. Again, pardon my photos...it was a rush job yesterday morning, hand holding my camera in the light box outside.

All comments and critiques welcome.

Thanks for looking,


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