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Motor speed control?

Jerry Klug
>I have wired my house and shop but motor and controller wiring is beyond me. I need some explanation from someone who understands variable speed controllers.

I am considering buying a lathe that has no motor. I have a motor (Dayton Capacitor A.C. Motor, Mod 5K967C, 3HP, 1740 RPM, 60 Cyc, Cont Duty, Type T, Serv Fact 1.0, FR L184T, Max amps 40 and rated at 14.5 amps for 208-230V, Code H and Insul Class B). I know little of what is important in all that except it is a 3 HP motor that possibly could be a good unit to power a lathe.

Can this motor be equipped with a variable speed control and if so where should I look for one? Would it have good low speed torque? I am assuming it could be set up to operate in both directions.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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