Turning Archive 2007

Fixing a finish

Steve Kubien
>Afternoon everybody,

I sanded a birdseye maple plate on the lathe until it was sickenly smooth. 2 coats of tung oil, rubbed out with ultra fine steel wool between coats and after the last coat. Applied hard carnuaba wax on the lathe and buffed with a soft cloth. That was almost a month ago and now the surface feels rough like the grain has raised. Any ideas what happened and how I can fix it? Is it possible that the grain did raise after all this time? Could the wax be reacting with the tung oil?

This plate was/is to be an auction piece for a seminar I've got coming up and I would hate to have it go south on the buyer.

Thanks for your help.
Steve Kubien

P.S. Should also mention that the piece had a nice shine to it originally (about a semi-gloss). Now it looks flat.

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