Turning Archive 2007

Southern States Symposium

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>Just got back a couple of hours ago from the Southern States Symposium. I had a great time, though I did not set through more than 5 minutes of any of the demonstrations. I was having too much fun seeing old friends and making some new ones.

There were about 10 people from our club (I think we should start getting a group discount). And there were tons of people from WC - Ruth Niles, Pete and Shirley Keckel, Gary Evens, Phil Coulson, Wilford Bickel and his wife, Mac and his wife, TD, Harvey Meyer, and others that I am sure I just do not remember right now.

I had fun talking, if only for a short time with other turners that I know or met. Nick and Cathy Cook, Dale Nish, John Jordan, Mike Mahoney, Chris Ramsey, John Hill, Gary Gardner, Pat and Mary Johnson, Vick and Sharon from Best Wood Tools, Joe Getty, Don Gieger, Frank Bowers, Alan Leland, and Doug and Marsha Barnes.

Thanks for a great weekend.


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