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HVAC compressor as vacuum pump

Randy Johnson Connersville, IN
>Iím thinking of adding a vacuum chuck to the list of upgrades that started with the new lathe.
Iím planning on using a HVAC compressor for the pump. A local contractor has offered to give me any one of several new-in-the-box compressors he has surplus. The little information Iíve been able to find so far mentions CFM in addition to inches of HG. The guy giving me the compressor says they will all pull the required vacuum but he didnít know about the CFMs because that isnít the way a HVAC compressor is rated. I don't want to waste a deal like this by trying to use a compressor that is not big enough (or maybe even TOO big)for the job at hand.
What do I need to check for when selecting the compressor? One is refrigerator size and would be nice if I could use it since it is 110. I think all the rest are 220 and more along the line of what you would find in an outside AC unit.
Thanks in advance.

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