Turning Archive 2007

NE Walnut HF *PIC*

Curt Fuller
>This was one of the biggest PITA pieces of wood I've worked with in a while. I think it was too dry and brittle or something. It's from a small walnut log about 7" diameter. I mounted it on a bias so the pith runs at a diagonal from the bottom to the top. But for some reason I couldn't keep from getting tear out and even had a hard time sanding it out. 80 grit seemed to even cause tearout. But the bark stayed on with the help of some CA at least. It ended up about 6" x 6" with a little soldering iron burn around the lip. Deft semi gloss finish. Wish I could have gotten a better overall finish.

Also, my wife made me a new background for my photos. It's a full size sheet of watercolor paper with a sepia wash she painted on it. What do you think?

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