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Noisey Milwaukee RA Drill: Bearings, right?

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Like A LOT of the fine folks here I have one of those Milwaukee Right Angle Drills (also called Close Quarters Drills) which I use for power sanding. While I take great pains to blow out the dust every so often, the drill started making noises a week ago.

I had the DC and Air Filter running and I could still hear the "whine" coming from the drill. After a short time, the quill started to become harder to turn. At that point I shut drill thing down. Upon inspection it became apparent that the sound was coming from the rear of the drill. Some research into the WC archives showed that this is the location of the bearing that tends to go bad with some frequency.

I found the thread where TD mentions the ENCO part number of the replacement bearing (Koyo bearing, part no. EE 1 1/2 2RSM3GSR)

Before I go and order the replacement bearing, I just wanted to ask some questions. I'd rather get all the necessary replacement parts at one time.

  1. There's little doubt that the problem is a bad bearing. Rough running, and the tell tale "whine" are all the clue I need to tell me that a bearing is shot (right?). Could someone confirm this?
  2. Is it the rear bearing the only one that should be replaced? There MUST be a front bearing. Does that usually need to be replaced as well?
  3. If so, does anyone know that part number, or the number of an applicable replacement?

Thanks in advance.

See ya around,

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