Turning Archive 2007

My lathe is alive again! *PIC*

>This is why I haven't been able to turn lately however this has been nice project anyway. I finished wiring yesterday evening (no smoke or blue sparks and it even works!). Some minor details still missing. Today I fixed lathe to bottom plate and will make cover for the peep hole to controller box.

1hp motor controlled with frequency converter / inverter. 3/8" steel bottom plate, new motor and all those smaller pieces of steel must be good for stability, bad for mobility. However mobility was one goal to be able to take this with me. Couldn't be much uglier but "all go, no show"... paint job as well as some other decorations which will follow are that "show" part, I have this with me in some shows this summer.

Wiring this thing was quite interesting task mostly because I wanted to optimize that "controller box". So not much room, 10 feet of thin wire alone + all that "thick current" wire. Nerd factor is quite high, that inverter is neat. Even motor whining stopped when I raised switching frequency to 18kHz and enabled heat protection so that it will drop switching frequency as needed. This is one reason for that fan...

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