Turning Archive 2007

Walnut Pen blanks, free to a good home

Barry Irby
>I have some walnut scraps that are about 3/4 square left over from a project. (Some may be .8" X .8") It occurred to me they might be pen blanks and I don't do pens. I have a few (maybe 10) that are over 6" long and maybe 20 more that could be 3" long. The pack rat gene prevents me from throwing them away. I have not counted them.

If anyone is interested in them for anything, I will mail them to you for the cost of the postage. At worst that will be one of those flat rate boxes ($8.10?).

These are nice air dried local Virginia walnut. First come first served. Anyone interested? E-mail me. At that point I will look and count.

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