Turning Archive 2007

Stopping my lathe

eliot d
>I have a variable speed lathe. So I can stop it from turning by rotating the variable speed all the way down; and that's what I always do while I'm turning. But the lathe also has a red push/pull knob that turns the power on and off. A friend came over once to try my lathe, and I noticed that he always turned it off and on with the knob. I don't like it because the lathe speed will be what it was before turning it off.( I do push the knob in to turn off the power when I'm done turning for a while, but even then I turn the speed all the way down first.) But is there something to be said for using the on/off switch while turning? Or, put the other way around, is there a PROBLEM with using the variable speed control to frequently stop the lathe?

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