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Topics For The Next (May 2nd) Turning Chat

Steve Russell
>Hello to the group,

We had a great time at last Wednesday's Turning Chat discussing how to approach galleries and selling your work through a gallery. For next Wednesday's (May 2nd) Chat, I propose the following topics. Please vote for your favorite topic by replying to this thread, or through a private email to me at: steverussell@houston.rr.com

Also, if emailing me, add "WC" to the front of your email so I can give your email priority attention. Thanks in advance! Proposed Topics for Next Wednesday's Turning Chat:

1.) Pricing Your Work: How to determine a formula for pricing for your work when selling retail, wholesale and on consignment. How to test the market for pricing and see what the competition is charging for similar work. How to price your work within 98% of what the market will bear for your products.

2.) Casting your Own Plastic Pen and Bottle Stopper Blanks: Set-ups, materials and protocols for casting your own pen and bottle stopper blanks. What has worked well for you, what has not worked? Where are you getting your supplies? Are you free-flow casting, or using pressure/vacuum pots? What are you using to add that extra "zing" to your blanks?

3.) How To Market Yourself As An Artist: Just getting your work into a few galleries is not enough, you've got to actively market yourself to succeed. What are the best ways to increase your name recognition for higher sales? What is the most cost effective way to spend your hard earned marketing money for maximum impact and return on your investment (ROI)? Learn how to "grow your name" and increase your profits through target marketing.

4.) Finishing For Galleries: If you want to start selling your work in galleries, you need to be on the top of your game with your finishing protocols. Your work will be judged against some of the best turners in the business, how do you step up and compete? Learn how to finish your work for collectors and galleries. Learn how to finish the finish and raise the bar on your current finishing protocols.

If you like one of the above topics, please let me know. If you prefer a different subject, let me know as well. I'm always open to new ideas and your comments are sincerely appreciated. I would like to firm up the topic for next weeks chat by late Monday night if possible. That will give two days notice for the members to prepare for the upcoming chat and gather photos if necessary.

Also remember to email Ron 1 or 2 (max.) photos of some of your recent work (completed or unfinished, in process etc.) for our "Show and Tell" session. The first 15 minutes of every chat will be allocated to any members recent woodturnings. Please indicate to Ron wether you are submitting the photos as "Completed Work" for a critique, or as an "Assistance Needed" submission that you would like some type of help, or assistance with.

Thanks in advance!

Steve Russell
Wednesday Night Turning Chat Moderator

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