Turning Archive 2007

Oneway Bowl Steady Questions

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

I have just confirmed another demo, and one that is new for me, at least from the demo point of view. I have been asked to demonstrate how I make the tall thin natural edged bowls that I make from time to time - similar to the one below.

In the course of my correspondence, I mentioned that I would need a steady rest for the demo, since mine is built for the Poolewood. I actually have two possibilities of rests to use for this particular demo, but it got me to thinking...

If I had a Oneway bowl steady, I could add this demo to my list and be able to accomodate all, or at least most of the various lathes I encounter. At least, I think so. First, how many people here have one, use it, and find it to be worthwhile? Even better, has anyone here used it for tall vase type NE bowls, where there is lots of deep hollowing going on? Finally, how fast does this thing adjust to different lathe beds, swings, etc?



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