Turning Archive 2007

OK, Wally, here you go. *PIC*

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>Some weeks back, Wally and I exchanged a couple of emails, and he commented that I had not posted any work in a while. I promised to, when I could.

Well here we go. Jamie and John, this is the new gray background paper I got today, much better, I think.

Back a few months ago, I started 8 of these, all basicly the same size (6"dia) but different wood combinations. Along the way I decided that I would do them with finials. I have never done segmented work with finials, until a funeral urn I did back in November, and I really enjoyed the learning experience. So I decided to do these all with Finials.

No, not all of the series had diamonds in the middle, it just happened that the three that I had here right now did. I gave one as a gift to my wife's Oncology Team. One when to Stephen Hatcher in a trade. One went to the Turning Leaf Gallery (so far), one is a gift for someone, and I took a couple in to work, and someone bought one of them.

Originally, I started all of these so that at least some of them would be my donations at symposiums.

I don't name pieces - a bit too artsy for me - but sometimes I give a series a name, like my Fire Rising series. I had not really planned this really to be a series like that, but the other day, I ran into an old favorite album by Dan Fogelburg and Tim Wiseburg called "Twin Sons of Different Mothers". So I instantly though I would laughingly call this series "Many Sons with Different Mothers".

Anyway, here they are. I can always take critique, I do not fish for compliments.


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