Turning Archive 2007

Chat Log For The Wednesday Night Turning Chat *LINK*

Steve Russell
>Hello to the group,

Several members have asked about viewing the chat log from last nights Turning Chat on approaching galleries and selling your work with a gallery. If you were unable to attend last night, simply click on the link below for a copy of our session.

I would encourage you to attend the Wednesday night Turning Chat whenever you schedule allows. We are using a new format that includes a 15 minute show and tell of any woodturning you have been working on recently, (unfinished or complete) and a 45 minute session for the primary topic. There is also overflow time after the official chat time, to continue discussions and for an "open" topic session on anything that's woodturning related.

We will be incorporating pictures as much as possible into the chats and I'm investigating how to add short video segments as well. (I may be able to host the video on my website, but I need to check my bandwidth limitations).

I'm committed to continuous improvement of the Turning Chat and I welcome your suggestions and comments as we work to improve the value of the chat for all WC members. Thanks and all the best to you and yours!

Steve Russell
Wednesday Night Turning Chat Moderator

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