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(Not entirely)OT - How to make $$$ with no effort

Craig Daymon
>There was a news link yesterday on the news site I read talking about an "artist" who's body of work seems to be copies of other folks. This guy even has a painting hanging in an L.A. gallery.

Anyway, since we have had discussions about copying someone elses work, I think this is a perfect example of taking that to the extreme.

The first link is a satirical jab at the "artist" and, even though it might make you angry, it is fun to read.


The second is a site that collects images of the "artist's" work along with what others perceive to be the original. It also includes links to other sites doing the same and a copy of the letter from the "artist's" lawyer trying to stop them. This is also interesting because it includes overlays of the "artist's" work on top of the original to see just how blatent the copying was.


Thank goodness the hands-on nature of woodturning/working makes it difficult to do something to this level.


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