Turning Archive 2007

Goldfield Burl *PIC*

Curt Fuller
>I bought this burl from Macbeath's Hardwoods in SLC and it was in a box labeled "Goldfield Burls". I know it's one of the exotic Australian burl woods but I don't know which one. It's about 11" diameter and 3" tall. It's the first one of these burls I've ever gotten to turn. I wanted to keep as much of the outer burl as untouched as I could so I turned a shallow recess into the bottom and made a base from rosewood. The rest of the bottom is all natural. On the top I figured if I tried to turn it flat I would lose many of the burl features that stuck out from the sides so I turned the bowl in the center and then just sanded the outside areas to the contour of how the blank had been originally cut and dried. That's why the top surface is sort of wavey. The finish is danish oil then deft lacquer.
Top and bottom view.

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