Turning Archive 2007

CA Glue on Glasses?

>If you are like me, at one time or another you may have set the lathe spinning with CA glue on your piece not quite dry, and the CA glue spinning off the piece may have landed on your glasses. I mentioned to my friend glueing my fingers together and the burn I felt when the CA glue went off. Man, did it sting! Then I mentioned sanding off the stuff from my fingers after it dried. My friend said he soaked his fingers in water until the glue lost its hold and cleaned off the glue on his hands that way. A few days ago I got a spot flung on one of the plastic lenses of my glasses. The last time this happended I asked my optician and they said they could not clean off the CA spots. Last night I soaked the side with the glue on the lens in a glass of water before I went to bed. This morning I was able to rub off the spot of glue, about 1/8" in diameter. Clean lenses again. Problem solved!

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