Turning Archive 2007

So far I've perfected one technique

Matt Berry
>Well, this weekend end up being THE weekend. I decided it was time to try turning a bowl. Yup, my very first bowl, I've done lots of spindle turning, and I had watched Bills bowl video numerous times over the last year+, it looks so easy, I can do it. Heck, it looks easier every time I watched the video. So I grab the chainsaw, fire it up for the first time this year, and proceed to cut my bowl blank, shortly there after I have a couple small bowl blanks, a mallet blank and a couple other blanks all out of walnut. Great, I prep it and get it on the lathe, true it up and get a nice profile started on the outside.

Wow, this bowling turning thing is pretty cool. Each step I was doing the same technique that Bill had showed me in the video - I even tapered the tennon to fit my chuck ;)

It was after this point that I seemed to have started perfecting a technique that Bill discussed but oddly enough didn't demonstrate. As per my annual safety check, I orbited my bowl for the third time yesterday, yup faceshield still works. I had orbited it twice on Sunday, both times falling harmlessly behind the lathe.

Oh it's rough out not rough up, well, at the third orbit I had pretty much finished the rough out / up. It is now sitting to the side waiting to dry so that I can "return" the piece to the lathe in 6 months. Hopefully I'll be nicer to the bowl and not feel the need to send it on a space trip :)

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