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Proposed Turning Chat Outline!

Steve Russell
>Hello to the group,

I would like to get your opinion on a proposed outline for our new Wednesday night turning chat. This is by no means etched in stone and I would appreciate your comments on this outline.

Meet and Greet: 15 - 30 minutes prior to the chat. This is your opportunity to catch up with friends and discuss general items of interest.

Show and Tell: The first 15 minutes of the official chat time. This will allow anyone to submit 1 or 2 photos of any current woodturning project. (I will contact either Ron, or Ellis about hosting the photos). The group can then comment on the photos and ask any questions, or assist the turner with any questions they may have. If we run out of time and still have more Show and Tell photos, we can continue this again in the optional post chat wrap up.

Primary Chat Time: For the remaining 45 minutes of the chat, we will discuss the primary topic. For certain topics, we can work out a way to add photos, or maybe even a short video segment to convey the topic clearly to all chat members. For other chats, we can continue the traditional all text chat.

Optional Post Chat Wrap-Up: For those who are interested, after the primary chat has ended an additional 15 - 30 minutes (or longer) will be available to continue overflow discussions from the Show and Tell, or as an open chat session for any woodturning related topic.

Please let me know you thoughts on this via a response post, or a private email to me if you prefer. You can always reach me at my private email address (listed in my profile: Steven Russell), or through my websites email. Since I get thousands of emails every month from woodturners all over the world, please add "WC" to the front of your subject line so I can give your email priority attention. Thanks in advance!

Steven Russell
Wednesday Night Turning Chat Moderator

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