Turning Archive 2007

Vacuum pump questions

Dave Shombert
>A friend gave me a vacuum pump. Nice compact little thing, it's from a piece of medical equipment(Travenol). Seems to work fine, although I haven't actually used it on the lathe yet. I'm in the process of making the necessary fittings.

There's a glass jar at the inlet that's supposed to have oil in it. There's a wick hanging down into the jar and you can tell there was oil in there at one time, but it's dry now. The jar says "Use Gast AD 220 oil or equivalent" on it. If I'm right that this is a rotating-vane type of vacuum pump, then I guess the oil is there to vaporize and provide some lubrication to the vanes - ?? Anyway, my questions -- where does one get some of this oil, or its equivalent? I see Packard and CS sell Gast pumps, but no oil. Is 220 the weight? If I use this thing, is it going to deposit oil vapor all over the inside of my bowl? Thanks,

Dave Shombert
Elkins, WV

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