Turning Archive 2007

Hat blanks at the Dump

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
>Hi folks.

I just spent a few hours at out local city dump watching Doug Thompson cut up some logs for blanks he will use to make hats.

Our city, like a lot I suppose, will often dump felled trees in a particular spot in the local Metro Parks. In an email exchange with Doug the other day, he asked if I would see if there was anything there. So, this morning I drove by, took a few pics, and emailed them to Doug. There was a pretty fresh Oak and Maple there. Couple hours later I was there helping Doug get some chunks of maple.

There wasn't much I could do to help other than stay out of the way. While Doug wasn't looking, I took a 8/4x10"x8' chunk of Cherry out of his truck and put it in my car. I don't think he'll ever notice it missing. :)

I thought I share some pics. These pics are straight out of the camera. I didn't have time to crop them or anything. So they are what they are.

You can see the pic here or cut and paste this link --> http://www.flickr.com/photos/jsott/

Thanks Doug!


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