Turning Archive 2007

Mustard Monstter on Wheels *PIC*

Ed Larson
>I needed to raise the spindle height on my new PM3520B to 51 inches so designed a pedestal foot for each side by using a 2X4 base with 4X4 attached to each end. I installed 3/8 inch Tee-Nuts in the ends of the 4X4 to accept the levelers that came with the lathe. In the gap between the 4X4 I attached two swivel castors on a 2X4. As shown in the picture I installed these on the legs before putting the lathe together. The system worked great. Raise the levelers to ingage the wheels, lower them to set the lathe in place. Yes you have to get on your hands and knees to adjust the levelers but I plan to move the lathe only infrequently so this is no big problem.

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