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Polyester Resin dust and dust collector

Roger Peterson
>Hey folks,
I'm a lurker who enjoys all of your company daily during my lunch period. I'm looking for info on polyester resin dust and/or fumes being drawn into dust collection system. I am casting PR molds and turning pens in a high school . Is there any potential for an explosion or fire hazard? With the amount of heat generated during the curing stage, I was wondering what happens with the dust if it is sucked up and contained in a relatively air tight container like a dust collection barrel.

I have witnessed spontaneous combustion with air filters from a paint booth that were not allowed to "air" out before placing in a barrel, not something I would like to participate in again.

Oh, and we are wearing appropriate masks, I believe the discussion has come up here before regarding proper ventilation and protective equip.

Thanks for any discussion on this,

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