Turning Archive 2007

Log Hold Down for Chain Sawing Blank *LINK* *PIC*

Jerry Hall
>Though this might be of interest to safely hold down a log for chainsawing into an octagon blank. I wanted it to be held down firmly, didn't like the strap (slow and in the way,) didn't like the fancy saw buck designs. So here is what works well for me.

I use the Veritas Hold-Down in 3/4" holes in my saw horses which is fast, keeps work clear, and holds well. At $60 a bit pricey, but worth it. Beside I already had it and never used it for flat work since I got that *&^#!! Mustard Monster.

My small shop doesn't need another large fixture, so I get by just fine with my two saw horses, some sacrificial 2X4's, and some connectors to hold the two saw horses together for ripping the log beween them. The 3/4" ply connectors just slip into the 3/4" holes with pegs to make a parallelogram (adjusts slot size for large and small logs)

Works for me!

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