Turning Archive 2007

My Week at Marc Adams School of Woodworking

>Hello Everybody,

Just wanted to share my experience at Marc Adams School of Woodworking last week. I was very fortunate to have been asked by Betty Scarpino to assist her Beginning-Intermediate Bowl Turning class last week. Although MASW is only 25 minutes from my house, I had never spent any time there. I had visited last fall for a couple of hours when Jim Shaver was down there taking a Greene and Greene class, but never taken a class or participated in one. What a great experience last week was! Marc's school is top shelf. The facility, the staff, the food! The students were able to work with the finest equipment and the attention to their needs was exceptional. I've worked with Betty before at a week long class at Arrowmont a couple of summer ago so I already knew that we worked well together. This week confirmed it. We had an absolute blast and I think when the students see that they do too. Betty had me do a couple of demos that went over very well and I hope added to their learning. It was a real confidence builder to demo in front of a group other than my familiar local club. I am truly fortunate to have a friend and colleague such as her to guide me and offer me opportunities like these.

If you've never taken a class before I strongly encourage you to do so. There is nothing like immersing yourself in something you love to do for an entire week, side by side with others who have the same passion. We had two students that had never turned before ever and one of the greatest pleasures of the week was watching them both take to it and begin the understanding of how all of this turning stuff works. The smiles on their faces when they completed their first bowl was priceless. I can not tell you how much I enjoy the teaching side of turning. I've been doing a lot more of it locally at Rockler and Woodcraft and am finding that I enjoy it almost as much as the turning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Marc will ask me back when he needs an assistant. It truly was a fantastic experience!


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