Turning Archive 2007

5/8 not equal to 3/4

eliot d
>I just got an unhandled Rolly Munro hollowing tool from Packard. It's 5/8 " in diameter. It fits perfectly in one end of my Hosolic (sp?) tool handle. so I suppose I'll use it in that. But I'd really like to use it in my Stewart arm brace and in some other hollowing rigs I have, each of which has a 3/4" opening. Can I just tighten the set screws in the 3/4" holders, or should I wrap some thin metal around the Munro first? I suppose I could try to get a custom-made reducer ( but it would only be a 1/16 " in wall thickness -- kind of difficult to make(?) ) Do I need one? Is there a solution I haven't thought of?

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