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If you donate your work to Charity, *LINK*

Keith Newton
>I posted this over on the Message board this morning, and someone suggested I post it over here also.

There is a bill in the House Ways and Means committee that could help ease the burden of not getting to claim the market value of your work. It needs your help to move it along.

The bill is H. R. 1524. If Artist could deduct fair market value of their work when making a donation, it seems to me that we / they could donate more and better work to charity, without taking such a hit financially.

I have provided a link right to the page where you just type in your name, and a note saying that you want their support of this bill.

I only give 2 - 4 pieces each year, but have request for about 10 others. I could not donate to them all, but I could do more if I could afford the loss, but as it is, the burden is too great for most of us trying to make a living in a very hard market area.

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