Turning Archive 2007

Spindle Turning Contest Winners *LINK*

Stuart Johnson
>We have the winners from the spindle turning challenge.
Ed Thomas is first place and Earl Kennedy a close second. Ed and Earl if you will send me your address I will get your prizes in the mail.

I would like to thank all that participated as well as Ruth Niles, John Lucas and Ellis Walentine our judges. A special thanks goes to Ron Sardo for his continued WC support hosting the web page for the contest.

It seems spindle turning is often relegated to the back when showing and discussing turnings. But, in my mind at least it is as demanding and beautiful as the fanciest bowl or hollow form. Whether it is a finely crafted spinning wheel, replacement baluster, chair spindle or the finial on a box or ornament it takes a good eye and delicate touch. I have also been told it is the bread and butter lathe work for some well known turners.

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