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I blew it - need a piece of scrap Cherry

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
>Hi all.

I've been working on a little table for somebody (joeott.blogspot.com). You folks (here on the turning board) gave me some tips on doing pommels. Working on the last one today, I screwed up. Long story short, I can't add the wood back no matter how hard I try. :(

When I bought this chunk of Cherry for the legs it was an off cut and just big enough to make 4 legs. I have lots of Cherry but it's all 4/4. So now I am short.

Before I try to order a piece from an online source I thought I would check to see if anybody here has a scrap piece of cherry they would like to sell and ship to me quickly somehow. It needs to be at least 31" long by 1-7/8" square.

Anybody have a piece of scrap similar to that?


ps - sorry for the cross post. I posted this on the regular msg board too.

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I blew it - need a piece of scrap Cherry
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