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Nautilus Box

Dave Belser
>This box is 4" high, 1 3/4" dia. The box is figured Ash and the knob is Indian Rosewood. Finished with one coat of semi gloss lacquer followed by 4 coats of danish oil rubbed in.

This little piece of ash almost got thrown in the fire. It was in a thick slab from a large tree that reveled where a branch had scabbed over and become completely internal to the tree. The slab was cut through this feature in a way that made very difficult to use, it was a challenge to cut and orient this small piece in a usable way. The figure was such that I just couldn't bring myself to toss it. The wood dictated the tall skinny box shape. While I was turning it I kept thinking that it would make a perfect little box to keep hand rolled cigarettes in - of course I don't smoke (anything!) at this point.

The nautilus name comes from the figure that is centered at the end of the thin bark line.

The lid has a collar also made from ash, by doing this I was able to keep the waste from the cut line to the kerf of my razor saw, about 1/32".

I'm really happy how the inside top and bottom came out - flat with really crisp corners. The one problem I did have was my own stupidity.... When I reversed the top I thought I could get away with holding it in my scroll chuck with a little packing foam to protect the wood - Duh! I ended up with 4 sets of ugly marks on the outside of the lid. I then had a hell of a time reworking the profile at the top to remove the marks.

I think the profile at the top looks a little more forced and less graceful than it first did.

Comments and critques wellcome

- Dave

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