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A Strange box, take 2

Dave Belser
>OK, now that I've worked out the image thing....

A strange box, 4" high x 3" diameter:

I've been working on idea for another piece and the base (maple) is a test for the other idea. I've added a machinists cross slide to my lathe, the box is a machined cylinder, the only surfaces that were turned "by hand" are the outside top and bottom. Here is a picture of it open:

This shows the part I was experimenting with. The closure between the top and bottom is milled like that of a safe, 4 distinct steps, each step face is .050". The lid actually fits loosely, you can twist it freely, but if you pick it up by the finial, there is enough of a suction that the bottom will lift off the table before dropping off.

Needless to say, I couldn't bring myself to discard this "practice" box and lid.

Now for the "finial".....

I acquired a small amount of questionable cherry burl, it simply had too much insect damage and voids to usable for much. I also hadn't had a lot of experience turning burl so I made 3 strange spindle turnings and kept them around for possible use as finials somewhere down the road.

What I like about this piece is that the finial and the box DON'T go together. Especially when you open the box and see the machining. At this point, if I was to make another finial the stem and bulb on it would be more graceful. As it was I had all I could do to remount it and turn the base of the finial enough to fit the recess (for chucking) that existed in the top of the box.

I think I did alright for two leftovers.

Comments and critiques welcome!

- Dave

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