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keith tompkins
>As the turning site moderator, I've been following the "observation" thread with some interest. Some valid points have been raised, and I offer a few suggestions that may be helpful.

First, if you post a pic of your work, especially if you've been a lurker, tell us a bit about yourself.....share your feelings about the piece being posted...what part gave you the most trouble, for example. Ask for a critique....many contributors on this site, including myself, won't get involved in "way to go!" or "good job", "I like it!" kind of reply. If you ask for a critique, in most cases you will receive a thoughtful reply. All too often, I see photos posted with several responses, yet the original poster doesn't even reply....opportunities to open up meaningful dialog are lost, and the chance to get to know some of the "regulars" is missed. If you don't care for the opinions you receive in a critique, share your feelings and opinions in a respectful manner...personal attacks have no place on this site, and won't be tolerated. A simple acknowledgement or word of thanks at the end of a post will go a long way to encourage future responses to your posts.

It is a fact that many of us here actually know one another. Not only do we communicate at this and similar forums, we see each other on a regular basis at symposiums, meetings, etc. Personally, I've known many turners who frequent this site for several years, and communicate with them on a regular basis. We all started as strangers, with different backgrounds and beliefs. What has brought us together was a passion for turning.....I've met some good friends through this site.

Sometimes, even people with similar interests will disagree....for example the "art v. craft" debate will fuel some heated debates. We must respect the opinions of others on this site, even if we totally disagree with their viewpoint. All turners are welcome here, newbies, lurkers, professional turners, even artsy turners who insist on painting their work.

Should we avoid the sticky topics? The emotional topics? The controversial topics? Absolutely NOT. If we choose to post only the "safe" questions, we will stop growing. Anybody who's posted here for a while remembers when the most controversial question was "what lathe should I buy?" Personally, I don't want to go backwards. Replies requested!! Come on, get involved!!

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