Turning Archive 2007

Down the slippery slope

Carol in Illinois
>Well, I bit the bullet and got myself my first lathe - a Rikon mini. I considered the Jet mini (not the VS), but the Rikon's belt changing is so much easier, and the bed is a couple inches longer... so I went with the Rikon.

I'm interested in both "pens and desk accessories" and hollow form turning, but have very little space to work in. I've turned a couple things at American Sycamore and really enjoyed the experience, but now - deep breath - I'll be turning solo.

Once I get everything put together, of course. That'll take the weekend, and then I'll sit back and stare at it for a while, turn it on and make sure it spins without vibrating all over the place, and then ponder it... and then attach a spindle blank... and then... ponder some more... and then - gulp - take a roughing gouge to it and see if I remember how to do this without Mike guiding my steps.

Any major hints for a newbie?

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