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Anyone work with Pimento??? *PIC*

KurtK in Indy
>I have access to a large quantity of this Pimento from a guy I do some business with in my real job. He is a veneer house and he has a bunch of these cants. Some are rather large and all have spectacular grain and most covered with burl clusters. The problem is that the material does some fair checking and the burl clusters are doing some spreading. My question is...is this stuff worth getting and working? I guess secondly....if it is worth it, would anyone want any? I will have to pay the guy for it, but I may be able to get it at an excellent price. Again, the figure is absolutely stunning.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I probably need to move rather quickly on this. All of this stuff is really green and the drying process is beginning. I would need to get it waxed ASAP.

Thanks, Kurt

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