Turning Archive 2007

Motor upgrade, pulley needed?

>If I remember correctly several persons around here has replaced motor from their lathe. I got new motor and controller for my lathe. However I don't know where to get proper pulley for this new motor.

My lathe is basically delta midi (in fact it is Fox brand lathe but it should be basically same lathe as delta midi). It has that "multi rib" belt and pulleys. Old motor has 14mm shaft, new motor has 19 (perhaps 3/4") shaft. There is not enough room in old pulley for bigger bore. Pulley in lathe side has 19mm / 3/4" bore also but keyway is too small so it wouldn't fit even if I were able to get one from somewhere.

All friendly machinists around has promised to make new pulley for me but when they notice/hear there should be keyway also they say "no way" and I don't have pulley. Does someone have good ideas? Is there some online store which could have these multirib pulleys in their catalog?

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