Turning Archive 2007

Norton 3X Wheel Info.

Tom Minehan
>I planned on posting this later but since the subject is referenced in a post below I will post now.

On Feb. 17 there were several posts about the 3X wheels and the general unhappiness with them (I had participated in this post). I had purchased the wheel from "Sharpening Supplies". John Carona from Sharpening Supplies read my post and sent me a new wheel at no charge to try. John explained that the original wheels were "I" grade but subsequently "K" hardness became available. He requested that I try the new "K" hardness wheel and send him feedback. I have used this wheel for many sharpenings and find that it does not groove as readily as the "I" wheel, does a nice job of sharpening, and meets my expectations. If anyone orders this wheel make sure you get the "K" hardness.

PS - I have no affillation with John or his company but it is reassuring to know that at least one sponsor of WoodCentral reads the posts and acts accordingly.

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