Turning Archive 2007

Marblewood, &%#$@!!, Mutter, mutter, cuss, cuss,

Ed Moore
>In Louisville last year I bought a beautiful piece of marblewood. Today I decided to make some goblets, so I cut a piece off. I turned a zebrawood goblet first and then turned to the marblewood. I looked at the end where I had cut and saw a lot of little checks, almost like heat checks. Hmmm. I cut off a little of the end and rounded the blank. I tuened the cup's inside and put shellac and then Shellawax on it. Beautiful. I turned the outside and began to hear a tick as I was almost done. Sure enough, a check had split one side. The game was over. %^$&*#!!

I sprayed shellac on the remaining exposed end, which also had a lot of little checks. I can see why the blank was well-waxed now. How can you use such a wood? It's about as useful as air-brakes on a turtle!


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